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At Surveillant Security, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. We are your trusted partner in the world of surveillance and security. Our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team work tirelessly to protect what matters most to you. Explore our services and solutions and discover how we can secure your world.

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"Discover our Door Supervisor Services, where professionalism and security expertise unite to ensure your safety. Our licensed door supervisors excel in crowd management, maintaining order, and delivering a friendly atmosphere. With a focus on safety, courtesy, and effective access control, we guarantee the well-being of your guests and the smooth operation of your business. Trust us to provide the peace of mind you need."."


"Experience our K9 Services, where the powerful bond between man and dog enhances your security. Our highly-trained K9 units, guided by expert handlers, excel in threat detection, contraband identification, and precise crowd control. From explosive and narcotics detection to general patrol work, our K9 teams offer unmatched security. Choose our K9 Services for unparalleled safety and peace of mind.


"Welcome to our Close Protection Services, where safety meets sophistication. Our elite team of discreet professionals ensures your personal security and peace of mind. Whether you're a high-profile individual or require event protection, our tailored services prioritize your safety and confidentiality. With our experts trained in risk assessment and threat detection, you can go about your business with confidence. Your safety is our top priority.


We're committed to safeguarding your property, whether it's a residential estate or a vacation home. Our comprehensive solutions, including perimeter security, access control, surveillance, and rapid response, ensure your peace of mind. Your privacy and assets are invaluable to us, and we uphold the highest security standards. Relax and enjoy your property with confidence, knowing your well-being is our top priority..


Our tailored security solutions transform protection into a strategic advantage for your business. Whether it's an office building, retail store, or industrial facility, we customize access control, surveillance, alarms, and on-site security personnel to meet your unique needs. Let us mitigate risks and keep your employees and customers safe, so you can focus on business growth.


Our professional patrol units offer proactive security with swift incident response. From neighborhoods to business districts and event venues, our mobile teams ensure a visible and vigilant presence. Equipped with the latest technology, we provide round-the-clock protection, deterring potential threats. Choose us for reliable and agile security, giving you peace of mind.


We specialize in top-tier security solutions for all events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale festivals. Our experienced team ensures the safety of your attendees with services like access control, crowd management, and surveillance. Enjoy your event with peace of mind, as we take care of your security needs. Whether it's a wedding, concert, or conference, trust us to protect your special occasion, so you can savor the moment.



We stay at the forefront of technological advancements to offer you the best security solutions.


Your unique security needs are our priority, and we tailor our services to meet them.


We are committed to providing 24/7 security coverage, ensuring your safety around the clock.

Let's Secure Your World

Let's Secure Your World

Ready to take the first step in securing your world? Contact us today for a free consultation. Our experts will assess your security needs and provide a customized solution that fits your requirements and budget.


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